Case 06: Murderous Walls – Profiteers of Isolation

„How corporations across the world make billions on arms and border security technology“

We present selected case studies to document how
corporations profit from arms supplies and from the business of sealing off their borders. Pars pro toto we show in several publications what happens at borders all over the world. We show in the first two examples how companies ruthlessly supply weapons to crisis and war zones, thus driving people to flee. Many of these companies then benefit a second time by additionally supplying components aimed to secure their borders through „lethal walls“ which prevents refugees from fleeing

  • Case 06.1 Saudi Arabia
  • Case 06.2 Israel
  • Case 06.3 USA and Mexico
  • Case 06.3 in the Maghreb, in northern Africa.

Further examples of deadly isolation will follow. 

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Artwork by Haubi Haubner

Case 06.1 Deadly Walls – Border Security around Saudi Arabia

The desert state of Saudi Arabia has been pushing for years to completely shield itself from its neighbouring states. The kingdom feels threatened. However, the contract for the construction of the border security facilities was not awarded to Saudi companies, but to the European arms company Airbus N.V., which had previously supplied the Saudis with multibillion-dollar weapons systems via Great Britain, including the „Tornado“ and „Eurofighter“ jets. These weapon systems were also used in the war against Yemen, where tens of thousands of civilians died and the refugee misery was exacerbated as it is no longer possible to escape via the Arabian Peninsula

By Wolfgang Landgräber

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saudi arabia“ by Ted Grajeda from the Noun Project



06.2 Deadly Walls – Border Security in Israel

For years Israel has pursued a similar goal to Saudi Arabia: total security of its borders. Today, the country is now completely surrounded by high-tech border security facilities, with the exception of a few sections. The technologies used were largely developed by Israeli defence companies and represent a huge business – also by exporting to states that violate human rights or belligerent states.

By Wolfgang Landgräber

Download long and short versions of the full report below.

 „israel” icon by Ted Grajeda, US from the Noun Project. CCBY