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Interview with lawyer Holger Rothbauer on the trials against Heckler & Koch


Serious allegations for the momentous continuation of the pawn sacrifice strategy
by Heckler & Koch and the Federal Government
by the public prosecutor Stuttgart


In 2010 the peace activist and author Jürgen Grässlin filed a complaint against former employees of Heckler & Koch (H&K). In 2012 his complaint was extended to include responsible officials at the Federal Agency for Export Control (BAFA) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi) by his attorney Holger Rothbauer.
The DA’s office, however, shelved the investigations despite the close connections of the BAFA and BMWi officials to the case of the G36-Rifles in Mexico. These and other dubious cases of mismanagement – for which the Stuttgart DA Peter Vobiller bears much responsibility – are the motivation for this interview. It was conducted by the GLOBAL NET – STOP THE ARMS TRADE (GN-STAT) with the Attorney Holger Rothbauer just before the opening of the trial against Heckler & Koch.
Interview Holger Rothbauer für GN-STAT E
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Interview in Spanish, German

Trial Monitoring of Case 02 for GN-STAT




Trial Monitoring of Case 02 for GN-STAT



The illegal sale

 of G36 assault rifles by Heckler & Koch

 into Mexican conflict states



Transcripts and Worldwide Information on the Trial Monitoring



For the main hearing of the criminal trial

 in the proceedings of case 13 KLs 143 Js 38100/10

 ("Heckler & Koch")

 against Peter Beyerle, and others

 (former employees of the company Heckler & Koch, Oberndorf)

 For the violation of the War Weapons Control Act and the Federal Act on Foreign Trade concerning the illegal export

 of G36 assault rifles into conflict states in Mexico

 before the 13th chamber of

 of the Stuttgart State Court, Urbanstr. 20, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany

 from May 15th until October 25th, 2018




 Introduction including organizational points on trial participation


Establishment of the trial days by the Stuttgart State Court


How to join the trial monitoring effort


<< 25 Daily Minutes in Multiple Languages >>


              (from May 15th until October 25th, 2018)


Proclamation of Verdict


Evaluation and Conclusion





 Introduction Including Practical Tips on Observing the Trial:


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends of Peace,


the following information is addressed to those people


1) who from May to October 2018 wish to follow our minutes and reports on the 25 trial days in English, Spanish, German (and potentially other languages) - no matter where they may be in the world! You will find the minutes of the 25 days of court sessions of the main hearing from May 15th to October 25th on this page.


2) who would be willing and able to attend one or more days of trial and wish to actively support our trial monitoring for the GLOBAL NET – STOP THE ARMS TRADE or would translate the trial minutes into other languages.


Please follow this practical advice to attend the trial:


·       You must bring your ID or passport!


·       During the trial at least two (or more) people should be in the court room to take minutes at all times!


·       Bring a writing pad and a sufficient supply of pens and paper.


·       It is advisable to come early so you can seat yourself in one of the front rows. This is preferable due to the better acoustics in those spots.


·       In the courtroom no visual or audio material may be recorded during the proceedings or when the judges are present. Photographs may only be taken before or after the beginning of deliberations.


·      An information sheet with room numbers, names of the defendants, witnesses, etc. will be available in front of the court on each hearing day. It is advisable to take a picture of this document to improve orientation.


·       Dates and times of the trial can also be found on the website of the Stuttgart State Court.,Lde/Startseite/Aktuelles/Verhandlungstermine


Feedback: HEADS UP - the minutes and notes should be discussed, and quotations clarified among participants that same evening. The documents must then be digitized and sent via email to Tanja Meinhardt and Jürgen Grässlin (preferably in a .doc file format). Quick submission is crucial to allow translators the earliest possible access in order to speed up translations. Additionally, the transcripts will be uploaded to the GLOBAL NET – STOP THE ARMS TRADE website,


Establishment of the Days of Trial by the Stuttgart District Court


The beginning of the main hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 9:30am. The room has not been determined yet. In order to find a good seat, trial observers are advised to enter the court room no later than 9:00am. Those participating in the demonstration in front of the court should enter the court room immediately afterwards - a lot of public interest is to be expected at least on the first trial day.


The 24 Subsequent Trial Days (DD.MM.YY) - Attention: Date shifts are possible:


May 2018:              17.05.2018,

June 2018:             05.06.2018, 07.06.2018, 14.06.2018, 19.06.2018,

July 2018:               05.07.2018 (Attention: This date is cancelled), 10.07.2018, 12.07.2018, 26.07.2018,

August 2018:          01.08.2018, 16.08.2018,

September 2018:    03.09.2018, 10.09.2018, 11.09.2018, 18.09.2018,

20.09.2018, 24.09.2018, 26.09.2018,

October 2018:         08.10.2018, 10.10.2018, 16.10.2018, 18.10.2018,

                     23.10.2018, 25.10.2018.

Each court session is scheduled to start at 9:30am, with deliberations set to last all day. Only on July 27th, August 1st and August 16th, 2018 are sessions only scheduled for the morning.




Dr. Johannes Fridrich

Judge at the Stuttgart District Court, 20. Criminal Division

First Media Spokesperson for General and Criminal Justice Matters

Urbanstraße 20, 70182 Stuttgart


Press phone: 0049-(0)711-212-3800
Email: Johannes.Fridrich@



To Join the Trial Monitoring


In all likelihood the Presiding Judge Maurer will issue a ban on laptops, smartphones, etc. for the public in the courtroom. Body searches outside the courtroom are to be expected. Therefore minute takers will need to be prepared to take written notes of especially important quotes by hand.


<< The document


Can be requested via email from >>







(From May 15th to October 25th 2018)




Each day the minutes of the hearing will be taken and edited by trial observers and subsequently translated into multiple languages by GLOBAL NET – STOP THE ARMS TRADE. In this way we intend to ensure access for an international audience. Independently the trial will also be monitored by the journalist Jan van Aken, who will publish his transcripts on the website of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


Minutes, May 15th, 2018




Minutes, May 17th, 2018





Minutes, June 5th, 2018





Minutes, June 7th, 2018





Minutes, June 14th, 2018





Minutes, June 19th, 2018





Minutes, July 5th, 2018





Minutes, July 10th, 2018





Minutes, July 12th, 2018





Minutes, July 26th, 2018





Minutes, August 1st, 2018





Minutes, August 16th, 2018





Minutes, September 3rd, 2018





Minutes, September 10th, 2018





Minutes, September 11th, 2018





Minutes, September 18th, 2018





Minutes, September 20th, 2018





Minutes, September 24th, 2018





Minutes, September 26th, 2018





Minutes, October 8th, 2018





Minutes, October 10th, 2018





Minutes, October 16th, 2018





Minutes, October 18th, 2018





Minutes, October 23rd, 2018





Minutes, October 25th, 2018







Proclamation of Verdict




Evaluation and Conclusion








The minutes must be submitted on the same day to

to and

They will then be published on the

website of GLOBAL NET – STOP THE ARMS TRADE (in Spanish, English, German, and other languages)

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