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"Profiteers of seclusion. How arms companies earn billions with arms supplies and border security systems - and what we can do about it".


Worldwide research focuses on arms exports to crisis and war zones as an extremely lucrative business for arms manufacturing companies. Arms manufacturers - such as Airbus-Group SE, BAE Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries, Leonardo SpA, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Rheinmetall AG, Rockwell Collins Inc. or the Thales Group - are among the leading arms suppliers to human rights abusers and warring states in Africa, Asia or America. The weapons produced by these corporations are used to fire at and displace countless people.

What is particularly cynical is the fact that it is precisely these corporations that benefit in two ways from the global business of death: It is precisely them who export weapons to sham democrats, repressors and dictators and thus exacerbate conflicts. On the other hand, they also supply military equipment, surveillance electronics, drone or satellite technology that seal off borders and prevent people from fleeing to a safe country.

In times of the "war on terror" such arms deliveries are euphemistically called "border security". But every year thousands and thousands of people become victims of this policy of isolation.

Writing for the GLOBAL NET - STOP THE ARMS TRADE, the authors use the example of selected corporations to show how the rich North benefits from the plight of the people in the exploited South. And they develop concrete options for action on how we can actively counter the profiteers on border security in the global North.




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